Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Yo Yo

I Love Yo Yo
Your place for unique Satin YoYo Appliques.Yo-Yo Appliques are great to DIY PROJECTS like Wedding Decorations, Birthday Parties, Home Decors, Clothing, Jeweleries, Hair Accessories, Scrapbooking etc.

 I was looking at my fans on my facebook page and found this fun shop doing really will on Etsy, you can be a fan of Yo, Yo here are there links below.

So here is what I see, bright colors, catches the eye,
Great prices!
788 sales in just under 2 years Wow that is awesome,
also has a second shop  Nakpunar I'm sure they are very busy
Nakpur is also fun and full of color offering a unique product 
Emery Pincushions keep sewing needles clean and sharp. You can buy loose Emery to make your own pincushion or buy finished Emery Pincushions all handmade by them. I think it's cool they give you the option of making your own.
Nakpur has been around a little longer Just over 2 years has 332 sales thats a total of 1120 sales! I'm sure a lot more
Check out there shops and facebook  Her mothers shop is adorable Sunny Funny Creations

"If you like crafts check them out they are great!!
here is some feed back I read through
Beautiful! I requested a custom order and she was so helpful and polite and very attentive. Fast shipping and just phenomenal customer service. will gladly do business again. Thank you! :D"

"Love them!! Will send you pictures!! Thank you so much for your quick work and shipping."

"i love my kiwi pincushion! this is a beautiful piece - every stitch is perfect - the colors are wonderful. shipping was super fast and the packaging was beautiful. these pincushions make wonderful gifts! thank you nil! xox"


  1. Wow! I like her satin yo yo's and pincushions.

  2. Oh thank you very much. I'm honored to be in your blog. I like to introduce myself to your readers. My name is Nil. I am a mother and wife. I addict all kind crafts. I work full time so my Etsy store was only my hobby. When I was working at fashion District, Manhattan someone gave me tons of fancy fabrics. I start to sew satin yoyo's and never stop to sew. They're really beautiful pieces and great decoration for the weddings, special occasions.

    Emery Pincushion was another story. When I was work at a Gold Fabric in Turkey we use Emery Grain. But I learn that Emery is also used for the Emery Pincushion in the USA. Turkey is the one of the country has Emery mines. I just learn that one of my customer uses my Emery Pincushion to relax. Because of the magnetite only to hold in your hands will relax you.

    Opps I just wanted to thank you and it turn a letter.

    Thank you again


  3. they are beautiful.Great work.

  4. Oh that's great! Thanks for sharing Nil's YoYo shop to everyone. She's really clever and nice person :) Have a happy week!

  5. My lovely friend Nil's yoyos and pincushions are one of the best on ETSY! I love her shops! I wish her best of luck in her Etsy career! She is a smart businesswoman and I know she will succeed!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Nil's work. She is very talented and also great person..

  7. Great items, thank you for sharing Nil's lovely items.