Saturday, February 27, 2010

HuggaBean Crochet Creations

Ok it has been a while sence I have done a real Hot Item Of The Week. I Love finding new shops on Etsy but have taken a little break sharing all the wonderful shops.
I have been out of the baby seen for a couple of years but we all know someone pregnant or who just had a  baby. Great baby shower gift! Could you imagine the hit of the party you will be with this adorable helmet as a gift.
HuggaBeans is an adorable shop on Etsy you can find HERE!!
This cute little helmet is made with 100% cotton and is sized for Newborns-3 months.
These are so adorable you can thank Jennifer Bahn for the great pictures I think that was a great idea, have them taken professionaly. Look at the face of this adorable baby it just melts your heart soooooooooo sweet!

HuggaBean has been in business for only 9 months and has an average of 140 sales a month. You can follow them on facebook and get all the up coming deals here HuggaBean On Facebook 

They have 40 items for sale and prices range from $8.00-$34.00 Not bad we all can afford that!

So what have we learned from this adorable shop? Great photos, ok amazing photos that GRAB YOU!! Yes these are exceptional photos and if they had to pay for them to be taken it was worth every cent.

Thanks for selling HuggaBean we will keep our eye on you.

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  1. Awwww...such a cute photo! I love the little hat! ;)