Friday, January 16, 2009

Brass (Pink) knuckles

Well I must show you all what my hot item of the week was.
A trendy pink (brass) knuckles pendant. I sold 5 in 2 days, Pretty fabulous for me. I had to ask one my customers where she found my shop. She told me the pink knuckles were featured in a brass knuckles link she found on the front page of etsy. It was not a treasury, but it gave me 250 views on this one item in two days. I am not sure how long the link was their I never did see it. Oh well, I'm not complaining I'm thankful!

LaurenAlexander Art Original Art, Prints, and More!

I happen to stumble upon this shop in the thread I started today. Lauren Has been in business sense May of 2006 she has 892 sales, averaging 5 sales a day this week. Most of her items are under 4.00 but she also offers sets that range from 13.00 to 25.00. I also think this is sort of cool she has her originals up for sale. One listed at only 100.00 I think that is so cool. She is very popular here on etsy and I can see why, she has an amazing talent. Her colors are beautiful and stand out perfectly. when looking at them it makes me think of soft warm hugs from my kids. I think her art would look fabulous in any toddler and or girls room, Office, Kitchen, living room ect. She has also made her art into darling little pendants and why not they are adorable and she is an amazing artist.


Yep! I've found more. I think I could find one a minute. Ok does that make me feel bad that I'm
not quite their yet. No, I'm learning from them, If you think about it we (the not quite as successful as others) have not quite paid the price (learned the trick, have the right product)
to be successful. Red Leaf has an amazing line of Bath and Body Products. Reasonably priced (don't you thinkthis is a key factor here? shops that are selling have great prices) I also noticed they are helping others with their profits.
Red Leaf and the Etsy angels are working together for donations to the Anderson House, a safe shelter for abused women and children. 20% of all Red Leaf's January sales will be donated to Anderson House.
Red Leaf has sold 673 items in 6 months. Over 100 sales a month that's 3.3 sales a day.
Here hot item of the week is a fantastic sample set which I'm going to purchase right now.

Thanks for being part of etsy YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just found this little shop in the forms, This is a great way to say you care.
An Origami Peace Crane (a symbol of Honor and Loyalty) made from delicate rice paper.
A paper greeting
"I love that you're my friend"
on Antiqued Parchement Paper.
All in a 3.5" x 3.5" gift box.
That way you can buy it now and make sure you get one but have it
arrive for Valentine's Day. If the "SHIP FEB. 10th" is not written it
will ship immediately.*
Let your friend get something in the mail besides bills with this awesome greeting!
Make their day special!
She has sold 21 in a week and plenty of more days until the 10 of Feb.
I am going to keep my eye's on this one to see how many she gets before Valentines day.
She will be a busy girl. If you need help my son loves to make these birds.
Awesome Idea!! She charges 5.00 and free shipping anywhere in the world Can't beet that!

Bumble Beadz

The more I look the more I see people doing really really well,
I feel like I'm being left in the the dust.
Anyone else feel like that? Ok no more tears!
Here is another great shop She sales Scrabble tile pendant, Her
price is amazing only 6.75 each.
They also come with a silver plated ball chain, you can't beat that anywhere. You can tell she is ready for Valentines day she's got lips, hearts, love, and cupid pendants all ready to ship out.
Looks like the Zebra Print Heart is doing pretty well so far.
She has sold 12 items just today and 35 sales in one week. Bumble
Beads has been in business 2 years and has had 774 sales That's Fantastic!!!!!
Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for adding me to your blog. I don't mind at all. I just read the portion on my pendant and you did a great job. Believe it or not, I opened my shop in December of 2007 but I didn't really start selling my scrabble tile pendants until June of 2008 so all but approx. 3 sales have been made in the last 7 months.

I absolutely LOVE etsy. It's the greatest place to find unique, handmade items as well as to sell. What I really want to do is start promoting etsy in general as well as my own shop but there are soooooo many people that have never heard of etsy so I try to get the word out about etsy as much as possible.

Thanks again for adding me to your blog - I sincerely appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!!!


OK, everyone can you imagine selling over 700 in seven months? It's possible here is the proof

Cocoons and Hats for Photographers

Baby Cocoon / Pod for Photographers Prop
This super soft cream cocoon is perfect for photographers to get those sleepy, snuggly shots.
Approximately 19 inches (48cm) and perfect for newborns and will stretch for older babies.
Wow! She is sure selling a ton of these........ They are adorable you should see all of her pictures of babies it makes you want to have one. She also reminds us all about the new CPSIA Legislation? Basically, all materials used to manufacture items intended for use by children 12 and under must undergo expensive testing for lead by the manufacturer (that's me). The law goes into effect on Feb. 10, 2009.
I could not find exactly which one she is selling the most of but she has sold I think close to 50 today and the day is not over. Congratulations Beachwalkphoto you rock!!!!!!

Homemade Zen

(Staring.......Homemade Zen)

Pattern- Sun n' Star
This is such an adorable little toy pattern.
Sun n' Star has sold 5 time in a little over a week.
You should check out other items in this cute etsy shop
she has baby sheep, sassy giraffe, and Lucky Cat. All of these
have sold this week.
Keep up the great work (Homemade Zen)
Homemade Zen has been open sense March of 2008 and has 239 sales
That is impressive!
Items in Homemade Zen range from $3.00 to $30.00 maybe this can help others out in what people can afford this week. Thanks Homemade Zen for doing a great job!
Check out this Adorable shop here: