Monday, May 4, 2009

Ooh La La

What an adorable Etsy shop, Not only are the item in this shop adorable but you are going to fall in love with the beautiful babies they have in the pictures. La La has been on etsy for just under one year and have over 500 sales. Ok I did not even come close to that and I'm just over my year mark. Ooh La La Has 379 item for sale including:

Infant Beanies, Flowers, Boy beanies, Carseat covers, Bows and Headbands, Hair bow giftpacks, Tutu sets, Girl Beanies, A Line Dresses, and arm warmers.

If you are not in the market for your own family I'm sure you can find a great gift at this shop for a Baby shower gift everyone at the party will love. Don't forget to tell them where you got them.
So lets look at what we can learn, Pictures amazing, - pictures sale, "adorable pict for sure A++ on that".
Ok lets look at the Price point - they rang from 3.95 - 26.99 Ok, defenatly something I can afford, and If I can afford it, most people can, ( and it shows because they are deffinitaly selling.)A+++ on that!
505 sales in 10 months lets break down:
over 50 sales a month WOW!!! Ok break down again:
1.6 sales a day hmmmmmmmm, I know I counted way more than that just for today.
ok they sold over 20 items today, their numbers will be so much crazer in two months we will be watching them!
thanks so much for all your hard work we love your shop Ooh La La!!!!!!!!!!
Ooh La La

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