Monday, February 2, 2009

Monkey Snuggles

I want to thank everyone who posted in my last thread I have found some wonderful new item I can't wait to have.

A new Fabulious find!! First off Monkey Snuggles has found a Hot nitche, Money Snuggles is an etsy shop that has only been open for 11 months and has 509 sales. Ok lets do the math. Thats 46 sales a month, a little over 1 and a half items a day. So here is what Monkey Snuggles has to offer Cloth Diapers, longies baby pants, wool soakers and wetbags. All of Monkey Snuggles products come in adorable patterns fit for the trendiest of babies, flowers and pink for girls, Blue, Camo, and fun animal patterns for the boys. I have notice this trend of cloth diapers is here to stay. I have to say it is pretty cute to see the babies crawling around in these fashionalble diapers. Monkey Snuggles pics are fantastic, clear and several of each item. Monkey Snuggles offers several different package options, starter packs, different sizes with new born, small medium and large. Discriptions are clear and very well written. She has had a great week 26 sales in one week. Great product from Monkey Snuggles!


  1. That's so cute! My sister's due in May (the first baby in the family!!) so I'm always on the lookout for interesting baby items.