Friday, January 16, 2009


Yep! I've found more. I think I could find one a minute. Ok does that make me feel bad that I'm
not quite their yet. No, I'm learning from them, If you think about it we (the not quite as successful as others) have not quite paid the price (learned the trick, have the right product)
to be successful. Red Leaf has an amazing line of Bath and Body Products. Reasonably priced (don't you thinkthis is a key factor here? shops that are selling have great prices) I also noticed they are helping others with their profits.
Red Leaf and the Etsy angels are working together for donations to the Anderson House, a safe shelter for abused women and children. 20% of all Red Leaf's January sales will be donated to Anderson House.
Red Leaf has sold 673 items in 6 months. Over 100 sales a month that's 3.3 sales a day.
Here hot item of the week is a fantastic sample set which I'm going to purchase right now.

Thanks for being part of etsy YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

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