Friday, January 16, 2009

LaurenAlexander Art Original Art, Prints, and More!

I happen to stumble upon this shop in the thread I started today. Lauren Has been in business sense May of 2006 she has 892 sales, averaging 5 sales a day this week. Most of her items are under 4.00 but she also offers sets that range from 13.00 to 25.00. I also think this is sort of cool she has her originals up for sale. One listed at only 100.00 I think that is so cool. She is very popular here on etsy and I can see why, she has an amazing talent. Her colors are beautiful and stand out perfectly. when looking at them it makes me think of soft warm hugs from my kids. I think her art would look fabulous in any toddler and or girls room, Office, Kitchen, living room ect. She has also made her art into darling little pendants and why not they are adorable and she is an amazing artist.


  1. Lauren is quite a talent! I know firsthand that her original paintings look great in a girl's room (or any room that needs a little cheer, for that matter). Well deserved success.

  2. Absolutely adorable!! I love Lauren's watercolors. They are so vibrant and sweet!