Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JulieMeyer's Shop

Could you imagine cleaning in style? Or Having the coolest Bridal shower gift in town?
Yes, here is something that will get talked about for a very long time. I know so many women who are going to love these gloves. Get out your etsy card and start spreading the news. These gloves are hot and they are only going to get hotter. I can see Cathy Lee talking about these true treasures. Ok am I the only one who quickly takes of the cleaning gloves when the doorbell rings/ NOT ANY MORE! Well I think we all will leave them on next time while wearing a pair of these. You can use these gloves for dishes, gardening, Scrubbing Laundry What ever nasty job you have! JulieMeyer's says DO IT IN STYLE! These great gloves are trimmed with a super cute oilcloth cuff. Made from a latex-free material called Nyplex (looks and feels like traditional rubber gloves) and lined with a comfortable plush lining. Pattern placement may vary slightly. JulieMeyer's shop as been open for 10 months (The same as me) she has 200 sales AWESOME!! She sales these cute lunch sacks too so check out here shop. She has sold 40 pair of these gloves this month so far. You thought January was a slow month well as people tell friends and friends tell friends. I think this will be JulieMeyer's shop's slow month she is going to sale a ton of these adorable gloves. Awesome shop !!!!!!!!!!

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