Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This item is reserved and not for sale right now in Erinelizabeths shop: it is called (A little Luck Necklace) What I noticed is that it is HOT........ YEP HOT!!! she has sold several of these lucky necklaces in the last 7 days. Do they know something about this? is it really bringing luck? I'm going to need one if it really is or maybe I need one to go with my own lucky ring they would be cute together. Erinelizabeth's shop is beautiful she makes gorgeous jewelry including necklaces and earings with the highest quality parts. Sterling silver and an arangment of gems like Topaz, Garnets, Amethyst, Apatite and Peridots. She uses different shaps of gems to make just a beautiful piece to be worn in many different occations, a dress up night out, or an everyday casual setting. You can find everything in her shop to doll your self up. Erinelizabeth's price range is as low as $18.00 to $52.00 she has sold 966 items in 2 and a half years, thats more than one sale each day. Erinelizabeth has 2675 hearts. I have noticed all her pictures are close ups and really show off the gems. Their are great discriptions of her neclaces and customers really know what they are purchasing. Great Job, keep up the fantastic work.


  1. Just read your forum post on Etsy and popped over to have a look. I shall look forward to reading your articles - great blog!

  2. I have an Irish dancer at home . . definately heading over to check this out! Thanks!! ")